Top 5 Custom USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives have turned out to be an easy and simple way to carry several gigabytes of data seamlessly. Such compact memory storage devices have a huge capacity, and offer quick uploading and downloading speeds as well. What makes them even more popular is their ability to be personalized in many ways! This aspect makes custom flash drives great promotional giveaways, and excellent corporate gifts.

If you have been looking for a product that can assist you with the branding work, then custom USB drives are the perfect solution. You can get almost anything embossed on these drives- graphics, art, custom text or logos before gifting it to your friends, employees, clients or anyone else.

Listed here are the top 5 custom USB flash drive options in the current markets –

Custom USB Wristband

With a huge range of technology devices to get along, this customized USB wristband makes things easier since it can easily be strapped around your wrist, and hence never gets misplaced. It is made with flexible rubber and is offered in a wide range of colors. This model has gained huge popularity among the school and university students as Flashband. As for the customization options, laser engraving and color imprinting can be done!Price: $2.20

Promotional USB Pen

 Promotional USB pen is a new way for promoting your business. Your clients can enjoy the dual functions of this device- pen and flash drive, while remembering your company.  The USB connector is present in the pen’s upper part under the cap. Laser engraving as well as color imprinting can be done on this also.

Price: $4.50

Race Car Shaped Flash Drive

Shaped in the form of a drag car with striking attention to details, this USB drive in race car shape highly appeals to car enthusiasts. They consider it as a great way to reveal their passion for cars and think it is a great personalization option to reveal their personality. This custom drive features mega memory and high speed data transfer.

 Price: $4.45

USB Flash Drive Business Cards

This is one of the most popular flash drive customization choices for businesses looking out for promotional giveaways. Just the way you hand out visiting cards to your clients or anyone else, you can give these USB business cards. Almost all people tend to have business cards in their wallets; in the same way, they can place these cards also in their wallets and whenever they need a flash drive they can also use it. So, they will always remember your business name for the exclusive custom USB gift that they received.

Price: Varies depending upon the quality of the business card

Wedding Themed USB Flash Drive

Newly wedded couples can give this unique wedding themed flash drive as a return gift to their special guests to make them remember that special day. They can add a special message on the drive or they can pre-load few videos or pictures related to the wedding.

 Price: $3.45

All these options are very popular in the USB flash drive markets, but it’s of course left to you to decide upon the best option. All of these present one or the other way of customizing the drive, either through color imprinting or laser engraving.

There are many more options in the market, so look around before you choose one. And, then finally settle down for the one that appeals the most to you in terms of style, utility, and pricing point.