Shopping For Scarves

The simplest of clothes can transform like they were picked off the runway and made to look great by just adding a scarf. The scarf can be made in all kinds of material, in a lot of shapes, in all kinds of patterns and colours. According to a survey done, the scarf is voted as the ultimate accessory a woman can wear. The scarf originates in Rome, atleast according to modern history. It was originally used by men as a sweat cloth and was worn around the neck. This was then called ‘sudarium’. Their women soon took to wearing of scarves which became very fashionable amongst them and this spread far and wide and was modified in all ways by the locals of different countries, regions and cultures. The scarves of today are available is a wide range of styles and are newer ways by which they are being worn is discovered every season. Furthermore, buying a scarf is not an expensive investment as you can find many websites to shop for fashion accessories online.

When looking for scarves make sure you keep the functionality in mind and also make sure your fashion quotient is well expressed:

For the winter:

Pashminas: Pashminas are originally made in Kashmir, India. The actual pashminas are made of silk and wool, and are made by handlooms that are an art and being very much part of the tradition of the Kashmiri artisans, this is passed on from generation to generation. They are extremely warm and have interesting patterns of paisley and creepers. They can be found in Indian import stores. Though however, the best would be is to ship them directly from India via friends. This would work out much cheaper.

Knitted scarves: The knitted style is available in many colours and great shades. They can be bought off the shelves at reasonable rates. Taloni makes great scarves and you can buy them online.

Plain Silk scarves: Silk scarves are traditionally made in Italy, Japan, Turkey etc. These scarves have rich shades and a sultry feel. They can be bought in Import stores and even flea markets. There are fashion labels like Varsace and Giovani have lovely scarves made of sheer and fur. They are luxurious and glamorous. The short ones can be teamed up with jackets and shrugs. They can be worn in many styles for which the tutorials are available all over the internet. The longer ones can be worn over tunics, long skirts and maxis. They are perfect for holidays and a casual stroll on an autumn evening.

Scarves with print (for the summer): Scarves with animal print are a craze amongst the young. They are available in many colours ranging from typical leopard colours of tan, brown and black to neon colours. Brands like Micheal, Burberry, Brindya, Ombre, Franco, McQ etc have cashed in on the popularity of this pattern and appreciated by everyone who owns one. Scarves in prints of a local traditional pattern are often sold as memoirs at gift shops. One pattern that’s getting all the attention is the skull pattern scarf that has recently become a craze amongst the young women who aspire to follow an alternative culture and are fans of rock. If your style happens to be more conventional, then pastel shades and floral prints are perfect for you.

Scarves are an amazing accessory and the next time you pick an outfit, do think about accentuating it with a scarf.

Fiona Marvel is an English lady owns a scarf shop at a popular tourist spot of the Leaning Tower of Pitza, Italy.

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