Hairstyles That Rocked the Ramp This Year

Hairstyles are an integral part of every woman. Women take great pride in their tresses and spend a considerable amount of time styling them and accentuating them. The hair brings out the personality of a woman. One can immediately guess how well a lady is groomed with just one glance at her tresses. Styling hair has been an age old art, right from the Vedic times of India to the Roman Gods to the ramps of Fashion week in Paris this year. A well done hair can make up for a shoddy outfit and shabby makeup. Hair styles vary based on the status of a lady, her lifestyle, the occasion and the outfit. Like clothes, shoes and almost every lifestyle product, hair styles follow a set trend and these trends are set by the fashion gurus at fashion festivals across the world. They are soon taken on by Hollywood and other film industries the world over and the salons and hairstylists waste no time in including them into their catalogue. The Fashion Week in Paris and London this year had some very interesting, never-seen before styles and some come backs of the by gone fashion eras. Here’s a glimpse of what was spotted and how to get the style to keep you fashionable this season.

The Bohemian waves: This lovely romantic style is beautiful, soft and feminine. This style is beautiful, easy to do and suits almost every shape of face. Very beachy style allows you to enjoy the wind in your hair. First, gather small sections of your hair and wrap it around a curling iron for getting lovely curls. Once done, brush them out smoothly and braid a 2 inch section of your hair from behind each ear to the back. Once they meet at the centre, make a messy bun with both the meeting section combined and pin it up. This beautiful hairstyle goes great with any casual dress.
The Art Deco Up dos: This one is quite difficult and will need a professional hairstylist to help you get it together. This has a high shine and even a glamorous touch of silver to it. The creator of the hairstyle, Odile Gilbert, called it, “Very Shiny”. The shiny goody clips, a leave in conditioner and hydrating oil are a must. The hair style is done by parting the hair into two portions and crisscrossing the two sides to the opposite side and clipping them in between. Great for formal occasions like black tie events, weddings and business parties.

The 70s curls are back: The most popular, flirtiest hairdos this season is the fun curls of the 70s. Thankfully simple to do, you could churn up this hair do all by yourself in a jiffy. For a start, make a deep side parting and gather one inch sections and curl them up. Once done, hold them up with roach pins. Let the hair set for about 15 mins and brush them out. The curls need to be teased. Noted hairstylist, Guido calls this ‘girlie and whimsical’. The bangs are done the same way but are twisted and secured behind the ear with pins.

These are but the most popular hairstyles that were seen on the ramp, trying them out should be adventurous.